When building your new home with Liberty Homes, consider making small changes now that can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the future. Consider building your home in a way that allows you or your loved ones to age in place. Aging-in-place is a simple yet important concept of adding or making a few minor changes to your home for the aging homeowner or people with disabilities. The changes to your home would permit for you or a family member to remain at home should they become disabled in some way. There are a large range of small changes that are considered aging-in-place certified. These changes include replacing all door knobs with door handles for easy door use. Building wider doorways and frames for ease of wheelchairs and walkers. Other options are wider hallways, using hard flooring rather than carpet, creating low or no thresholds between areas, even roll-in showers are pretty common. Some of these changes are so small you will not notice them right away, but when daily activities become a little more difficult these changes will have a great impact.

Adding these small changes now, while building your home may cost very little. However, should someone become disabled, the savings in staying at home versus going to a nursing home is almost unimaginable.

Build the home of your dreams that you will never want to leave. Talk with Dusty about simple ways to build your home with today and the future in mind.